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High-quality personnel in the agricultural sector

Today the situation in the agricultural market is very difficult. The level of management and human resources technology leaves much to be desired. So far, not all large agricultural companies have a clear personnel management structure, not to mention small agricultural businesses. An improper personnel management structure and poor quality selection can increase the turnover and reduce the efficiency of the team and the company as a whole.

However, the agricultural market is very promising in Ukraine. This market is “alive” and is particularly interesting in the framework of our country. Over the past few years, massive investment has been pouring in the agricultural sector, which contributes to the rapid development of agricultural companies. In addition, the agricultural sector is supported by the state, increasing the volume of export of final products, as well as the demand for organic food by consumers. We expect a strong leap forward in the agricultural industry by the end of 2017 and, of course, we will keep up with recruiting needs in the agricultural sector.

The Agro-market is very specific, dynamic, and never ceases to amaze. The labor market in the agro-field is also complex and unusual. The circle of professionals is narrow; most of them have known each other for several years. Highly qualified professionals need to be carefully looked for and motivated. This is particularly true of regional farms or offices, which lack reliable and dedicated employees.

Nevertheless, taking into account the rapid development of the Agro sphere, it affects the wages of workers in this sector well. Over the past few years, we can observe a continuous growth of wages in the agricultural business, and especially for narrow-specialty experts.

Quality recruitment in the agricultural sector requires great effort and perseverance. The main problem in the selection is a low degree of awareness of agricultural market prospects by future candidates. Mid-level specialists often do not see the prospects of their professional and financial growth in the field of agricultural technology. Senior experts and top managers for the most part are aware of the possible opportunities of development; however, there are exceptions even among them. Next, but not a less important problem is the weak motivation of candidates for a new job in a promising area. Rare are the candidates that consider a proposal on the part of the interest, not the number of work hours, travel time, and wages. This may indicate that they are too focused on comfortable and safe working conditions that can sometimes interfere with their employment.

How do we cope with the task and keep the standards? NRG team is developing in pace with the fields of activity of our clients, as well as analyzing the labor market movement with close monitoring of its smallest changes. For the successful recruitment of staff in the agricultural sector, we meticulously analyze the company-customer, all of its activities, structure, and specificity. It gives us a greater understanding of what is the person who will come to the open position. For a qualitative project fulfillment we need qualitative research methods. One of them is our dynamic database that is updated with new candidates from all over the world every day. However, qualitative direct search is the most effective. There is much debate with regard to this method; however, it still remains the most effective. With each company-client, we stipulate the use of direct search and remain ethical in relation to our clients for a long time. Direct search is the way to provide candidates with the opportunity to improve their career-financial situation, respecting ethics to all participants of this process, both to companies and job seekers.

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