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NRG applies best efforts and professionalism to be the first choice recruiting company for our clients. Interests of our clients are our highest consideration; they should treat us as a partner that is always ready to communicate, to offer consultation and to provide high-quality services. We aim at long term cooperation. Our clients should always feel their exclusivity and see relationship transparency in order to come to us again and again, wishing to become to be VIP clients, since they were provided with high-quality service.


NRG regards its team as its main achievement and value. Our employees are the pride and image of the company. We have created NRG as a union of the professionals with the strong feeling of team spirit. They are always ready to work hard and they are always eager to raise their level of professionalism. They see their work not as a complicated process, but as a source of pleasure from engagement in the favourite activity, and receive positive emotions from customer satisfaction.


We treat our candidates and our clients with equal respect. We aspire that our candidates form positive NRG image on the labor market of Ukraine. Every candidate should receive high-quality service, as tomorrow he or she can become our client. Our candidates get high-quality service and consultation from NRG employees and they recommend us as the company, which can be entrusted with one’s professional and career growth.

Business Partners

Recruiting company NRG is ready to develop partnership relations with regular clients, adhering to the principles of work and standards, defined by the rules of the company. We are ready to assist our partners to build the companies’ structure, to recruit and train their staff. At the same time, we position ourselves as a rather flexible company, which is ready to take into account the principles of partners’ work with observance of ethics norms, as well as work on the basis of mutual supportiveness.


We respect our competitors and follow ethical standards in our business. Our competitors urge us to be more active and better, and to maximally improve the level of service and quality of serviced offered.


We value our clients, as well as our staff and our knowledge that we use in work with clients. We stand for integrity, sociability, transparency in relationships both within our team and with our clients. We observe high level of responsibility at different levels of work. We focus on internal equality, mobility, high activity and ability to achieve results, as well as efficiency in work with clients and in dealing with internal operational processes of NRG. We are always abreast of new technologies and ready to develop high-demand services on the labor market of Ukraine.

Customer-oriented approach

Our staff always put clients’ interests first, ready to sacrifice their personal time and interests in order to fulfill its commitments, showing initiative and skillfully using their knowledges.


Main principles of our work

  •  The principle of responsibility

Be responsible for the results of work, using new technologies in the everyday business practices.

  • The principle of continuity

Awareness of the present, aspiration to the future without forgetting the past. Not only the clarity of purpose, but also clear understanding of ways to achieve it and planning the necessary steps is the recipe for success of our company.

  • The principle of unity

Striving for creation of the unified field of interests with partners, understanding that the success of one partner leads to the success of another.

  • The principle of creativity

Acceptance of the uniqueness of each company and constant readiness to unconventional solutions based on extensive technology expertise.


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