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NRG Team

Recruiting Company NRG specializes in search and selection of specialists and mid to top managers. We are active, ambitious, aimed at high-quality services and fast order completion. We will help you to find the best, most successful and professional specialists. Our consultants are experienced specialists who have been working in their areas of specialization for more than two years. Each consultant specializes in different segments of the market. This factor contributes to a greater understanding of the market and helps to develop stable business relations in a professional society. NRG regards its team as its main achievement and value. Our employees are the pride and image of the company. We have created NRG as a union of the professionals with the strong feeling of team spirit. They are always ready to work hard and they are always eager to raise their level of professionalism. They see their work not as a complicated process, but as a source of pleasure from engagement in the favourite activity, and receive positive emotions from customer satisfaction.


Head of Recruiting Company NRG

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