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Santa Group

«Santa Group» is a vertically integrated holding, founded in 1993. It includes more than 40 companies: suppliers of raw materials, producers of finished products, distribution and logistics units, retailers and others.

«Santa Group» management company defines strategic goals and coordinates cooperation between business units.


SAVUSHKIN PRODUCT, one of the largest producers of natural dairy products in Eastern Europe. No 1 company in Belarus and No 3 company in Russia in raw milk processing.

SANTA BREMOR, multi-category producer. The production includes fish and seafood, frozen and chilled ready-to-eat foods, ice cream and salads. It is a market leader in Russia and Belarus in the ‘fish and seafood’ sector.

SANTA RETAIL, а retail company which includes two chains of stores: ‘Santa’ and ‘Rublevsky’, presented in two formats: supermarkets and convenience stores.

MAIN FOOD CATEGORIES: Butter, Semi-hard and hard cheese, Curd and cottage cheese, Processed cheese, Milk, Sour-milk drinks, Sour cream, Desserts, Dried dairy ingredients, Herring preserves, Capelin caviar in sauce, Spreads, Caviar, Surimi, Salmon, Seaweed, Seafood, Canned products, Ice cream, Ready-to-eat chilled and frozen food.

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