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Levandovskaya street 5B of. 21.
Kyiv, 01010, Ukraine

Astarta – Kyiv

Founded in 1993, “Astarta–Kyiv” is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding specializing in sugar and agricultural production. It has proven to be a growing, transparent company, as well as a reliable partner and supplier.

Our agricultural business focuses primarily on the cultivation of sugar beet, grains and oilseeds, the production of sugar and related products (molasses and granulated beet pulp), and milk production. At the beginning of 2014 ASTARTA put into operation soybean processing plant in Globyno (Poltava region). At the same time ASTARTA actively implements bio-energy projects.  In 2014 ASTARTA has put into operation modern Bio-energy complex in Globyno (Poltava region). Biogas is produced from excessive wet beet pulp which is a residue of beet sugar production and other types of bio mass feedstock.

ASTARTA “Astarta-Kyiv” is actively involved in business life and is an active member of a lot of organizations.


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