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Ethical Credo

Recruiting Company NRG specialized on the search and selection of personnel.

Our experience shows us that our main fund is the trust of our clients. Thereby we give priority to ethical aspects of business from the very beginning.

Adherence of ethical norms in recruiting business allows us to gain the trust of our clients and the best way to carry out an important projects, connected with search and the work of staff.

 Our work is guided by the following rules:

  • Consultants of recruitment company NRG are obliged to take up orders only after careful analysis of the task at hand.
  • Consultants of NRG are obliged to take up orders only if they believe that they can execute it.
  • Consultants of NRG are obliged to use only analytical methods, which reflect professionalism, effectiveness and objectivity of quality candidates.
  • Consultants of NRG are obliged to provide their clients only with carefully reviewed and unbiased information.
  • Consultants of NRG are not entitled to deliver any professional or personal information, which they get in a process of work.
  • Consultants of NRG can not offer one candidate to two client’s companies to avoid any conflict of interests in client’s company.
  • Consultants of NRG can not actively offer job to competitors from client’s companies when the General Contract is signed. During one year after completing the order and sighing of Acceptance Certificate, consultants of NRG can not offer a job to competitors working at our client’s company. Thereby we consider the whole company as integral structure with all its branches.
  • Consultants of NRG are not to offer employed by the Agency colleagues of the client’s company a job independently from time of actual placement. Employed colleagues when asking Agency for a job are to write a letter which confirm that supervisor or General Director or HR Director knows about one’s searching for another offers. (In the case with earlier employed candidates, consultant have to call or write e-mail to the superior of the given candidate/HR Director of the company/General Manager of the company for the purpose of confirming that the employee publicized within the company his leaving intentions and consider proposals openly)
  • Consultants of NRG can not earn the reward in any form from the candidates, who are applied on the in work vacancies.



We are trying to become confident to the client, using such principles and methods of our work which lead us to optimal decisions of personnel tasks. Moreover, we work on the principle of observance clients’ and candidates’ interests.


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