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“Svitoch” introduced a new candy

Ukrainian TM “Svitoch”, part of the global giant Nestlé, introduced a new candy – “La Pina Colada cocktail” and “La ayrish cream cocktail.” Now, Ukrainian buyers can buy them, not only in the familiar packaging, but also in bulk, so the product becomes more accessible to a wide range of customers, the company believes.

“La Pina Colada cocktail” and “La cocktail ayrish cream” from TM “Svitoch” – a combination of black and white chocolate liqueur with a filler.

 Deirdre O’Donoghue, Head of Nestlé Confectionery in Ukraine and Moldova, said: “segment of chocolates with alcoholic fillings in Ukraine is not sufficiently developed, and the demand for such products is growing every year. That’s why “Svitoch” constantly improving products’ La cocktail “including recipes. Demand for the new candy “La cocktail” confirmed test results the consumers, which is held before each new product. “

 In addition, “La cocktail” stands bright packaging design and an unusual form of candy, for which they are easily distinguishable from competitors’ products.


Nestlé – the largest food manufacturer in the world, whose work is based on the principles of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles. The company employs 280 000 people. Nestlé owns 449 factories in 83 countries. In 2010, annual sales of Nestlé in the world reached 109 billion Swiss francs. Nestlé products are represented in the markets of beverages, confectionery and culinary products, baby and special food, frozen food, ice cream, snacks, mineral and table water, as well as pet food. In addition to food, Nestlé owns shares in companies cosmetic industry.

Nestlé began its operations in Ukraine in 1994 with the opening of representative offices. Since then, the company promotes such international brands as NESCAFÉ, Nesquik, Maggi, Nuts, Friskies, KitKat, etc. In 1998, Nestlé SA acquired a controlling stake in the “Lviv Confectionery” Svitoch. ” In May 2003, Kiev was founded by LLC “Nestle Ukraine.” In late 2003, Nestlé S.A. acquired 100% stake in the company “Volynholding” (TM “Torchin”). In 2010, the company “Nestle Ukraine” Ltd. has acquired “Technocom” manufacturer of fast food under the trademark “Mivina.”

Nestlé business in Ukraine is represented by the following trends: coffee and beverages, confectionery, cooking (cold sauces, dressings, soups), fast food, baby food and special, ready for breakfast, pet food, ice cream.

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