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Workplace preparation for a new employee: tips

HRD-Ukraine, № 3 (258), 2015

Article written by Aleksandr  Kostyna,

Senior Consultant of NRG Company

Aleksandr Kostyna, Concultant of NRG

Aleksandr Kostyna,
Concultant of NRG

The workplace – it is the place where the employee carries out his responsibilities. The company needs to provide the employee the necessary conditions to work. Depending on the structure of the business, this task may be the responsibility of the supervisor, personnel manager, administrative manager or the officer responsible for the adaptation of new staff. As a general rule, the necessary conditions for work are described in the requirements for labor protection and other regulations which can be easily found on the Internet. In the system settings workplace companies are incorporated in corporate law and relevant regulations. The fact of having a prepared workplace for a new employee creates a positive attitude and willingness to bring a new job in the company.

Useful tip: prepare the workplace for the employee before he steps into the office.

Also, it is worth paying attention to the comfort of the workplace. The furniture should be comfortable because the office is almost like a second home for some people. The success of the company largely depends on the extent to which the employees are comfortable to work in. Besides the convenience, it is worth to pay particular attention to the cleanliness in the workplace. Remember that a dusty table and a dirty cup from the previous employee will never be able to motivate the new person to achieve good results. Another obstacle to great results may be old business cards, the things in the drawers and other foreign objects.

Useful tip: cleanliness and comfort – the key to a good start.

It is important to check the existence of the necessary equipment in the workplace. The laptop, the phone, the stationary set, as well as the items with the company logo – the tools that allow employees to improve their efficiency, achieve their goals with faith in the success of the business. If you improve the technical support it will give you the opportunity to quickly and easily increase the well-being of the business. The laptop should have a prepared profile of the employee, including a set of ready-to-use software. The phone numbers of the head manager, staff and specialist managers, person responsible for adaptation of employees should be recorded in the corporate phonebook.

Useful tip: make sure that the equipment is ready for operation before they start using it.

When a person starts a new job it is like the person enters a new world in which there may be problems with getting used to the new job.

So, the following questions arise: where should we hold a meeting? Where is the public space to use? Where is the fire escape?

Useful tip: take care of the information plates where it may be required. Conduct a tour of the office to the new employee.

When coming into a new work team, the worker is faced with the task of carrying out the work that largely will decide if the company is successful. This is the task of communicating with the staff members. As a rule, the employee already acquainted with the manager and the boss. What are these people doing here? The beginning of a new job includes the process of getting to know the colleagues and those employees who will have an influence on your new responsibilities, and also your neighbors who can help you in the beginning.

It is important to understand that it is impossible for the new employee to remember all the people in the beginning stages. He is in an unfamiliar place and is worried completely about other issues. That is the reason he needs help. After the first few contacts, he will need to get to know his space. It is possible that he will ask his colleagues: “What is the name of the lady who has to stamp my trip?”.

Useful tip: On the first day, you have to gather all team and introduce new collaborator. If you have a big company, you may organize an excursion in order to introduce new colleague in different   sections and departments in the office. Leave on the worktable an instruction with photos of people with whom he may communicate and ask about help in case of emergency during the work process. Prepare current company’s telephone directory, there will be initials, positions, and contacts of colleagues.

Nowadays it is required to pay attention to informal work places where all colleagues can gather in order to analyze the problem, make a team decision, conduct brainstorm, and decide current issues. You have to understand that office is a workplace where employees can make team decisions. In the big companies, informal workplaces may be prepared for team project gathering. It may be a room with a comfortable sofa and frameless armchairs where in natural atmosphere new ideas are born.

Useful tip:

You have the power to create a team of discussion.

In one – two months, you have to talk with your colleague about what was good and what was bad at work. These responses will be the first decisive points that will influence on the organization of a workplace.

Useful tip:

You have to get a feedback from a new colleague in awhile, use his responses for the optimization of workplace preparation.




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