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The intangible motivation tools

HRD-Ukraine, № 6 (249), 2014
Article written by Yevgeniya Khvostova,
Head of Recruitment of NRG Company

Yevgeniya Khvostova, Head of Recruitment of NRG

Yevgeniya Khvostova, Head of Recruitment of NRG

As practice shows, the key factor in the process of choosing a company for an employee is not always the material component. How else, other than salary, can we improve the dedication of the employee?
Often times, the intangible motivation is aimed at the departments and divisions of the company which bring a profit. This may be the sales, production. However, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that employees in such positions as secretary, logistic specialist, also need to be encouraged through additional professional incentives for their development and increasing loyalty to the employer.

Examples of intangible motivation for employees.
The professional development is always of interest for those specialists and managers who are striving to increase their professional level and climb the professional ladder. An MBA education serves as strong motivator for middle and senior manages. This type of training offers suggest that the company trusts that employee and bets on him in the future. The employee who grows and develops together with the company will remain the most loyal and motivated for a long period of time.
Other motivating factors are the praise, recognition and reward. Employees can receive international and national recognition if they have the opportunity to participate in international or national competitions and receive awards and recognition of their professionalism on a high level. As examples of such events can serve the annual competition of pharmaceutical professionals of Ukraine “Panacea” or the international competition among manufacturers of cosmetics, etc.
An example of a company using intangible motivation may be the company Google which, aside from high salaries and bonuses, offer additional motivating factors. Young parents receive seven weeks of extra vacation time- a program of supporting employee’s families. For the self-sufficient employees a motivator is the organization of the workspace and schedule: it does not matter how much time the worker spent in the office – the important thing is the completion of the task. An unusual example of bonus shown by Google is the presence of the posthumous salary for the family of deceased colleague.
Another unusual example is the company Autodesk (California, USA) which allows their employees to take their dogs to work. The Microsoft company organized a spa-center that each employee may visit in order to have the opportunity to relieve their fatigue.
The western practice is gradually coming to Ukraine as well. Thus, a nursery is created in offices for the young mothers. Here a professional baby sitter will supervise the children for the mother throughout the work day.
Some government agencies motivate their female workers by offering them a weekly beauty salon on the premises of the organization.
The Ukrainian office of “McDonald’s” is holding a contest among employees called “The Voice of McDonald’s”. For a given period of time each worker had the opportunity to present their video recordings with the songs, after that a professional jury composed of well-known musicians would choose three winners. The company paid the shoot of a professional music video for the finalists with which they continued the participation in the competition at the international level. Also, they had the opportunity to participate in the final casting of the “American Idol”.
The motivational system is not only applied to the best employees, but also vice versa. The company “VVN” developed two nominations “Turtle Forever” and “Get a Skunk”. The managers with the worst results is given a live turtle or a picture of a skunk with the official signature of the general manager.
Many HR-experts believe that during the establishment of a motivational system it is important not to overdo it. It would be wrong to apply the examples of other businesses to your company since you can never be sure that they will be as effective. The nonstandard motivational system should be developed individually. Each employee requires a special approach, in particular, this applies to employees at the top level manager positions.

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