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The influence of a leader on the brand of the employer

HRD-Ukraine, № 5 (248), 2014

Article written by Aleksandr  Kostyna,

Senior Consultant of NRG Company

Aleksandr Kostyna, Concultant of NRG

Aleksandr Kostyna,
Senior Concultant of NRG

As a rule, the leader of the company is the ideological mastermind or the founder who has the immediate relevance to the brand of the employer both among active employees and those who are job hunting. The criteria attracting new employees to consider offers from employers are the level of wages, perspective for personal and professional growth. However, the fundamental criterion during the process of picking a company for a beginner is its leader; the founder and/or the hiring manager who create the image and the brand of the company in the labor market.
Let us consider the examples of some well-known leaders who have created attractive HR-brands on a global level.
Sheryl Kara Sandberg, COO Facebook
After S. Sandberg became a member of the board of directors in 2012, Facebook started to make profits. Advertising and cellphone announcements generate a growing income from month to month. The arrival of a new manager allows the company to become more attractive. First of all, the attention is given to the relationships within the company. From the beginning, S. Sandberg has agreed with the owner and founder of the company that a meeting will be held every Friday during which employees can exchange their experiences about work in order to analyze the results achieved. With the advent of S. Sandberg in the Facebook company the presence of emotions was encouraged among employees which helped them become better managers, partners and colleagues, as well as increase job efficiency.
Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com CEO
Amazon is fast growing company associated with the sale of books, music and movies among adults, and for the young people it represents a store where absolutely everything is sold. In the United States, J. Bezos is placed on the same level as Steve Jobs for the approach to innovations and the development of new solutions. Many of Amazon’s ex-employees can tell stories about the CEO’s attention to the interests of the consumers which literally riddled the atmosphere in the company. J.Bezos manages dozens of small innovative projects while spending a minimal amount of resources. J. Bezos is often described as a notorious pirate who shoots orders left and right due to which his subordinates run around like ants in a disturbed anthill. However, at the same time the head of Amazon retains the ability to implement large scale innovations and changes within the business. The company is developing very dynamically due to the charisma and speed of the CEO. In an interview the businessman revealed Amazon’s plans about checking into the possibility of using drones to deliver packages to the customers in half an hour. The company is successful, the management is professional, and they are proud to be working for this company; new employees are fighting in the competitive selection for the right to become a member of Amazon’s team.
Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! CEO
M. Mayer is the executive director and the president of Yahoo from 2012.
Despite the different and conflicting opinions about her from ex-employees, she was able to restart the Internet giant which she received in a poor condition. She changed the relationship of the company to its employees, particularly, she has introduced free lunches like in other large companies in the Silicon Valley. She allowed employees to write complaint letters about the bureaucracy in the company. F.Y.I parties are held every Friday where employees can discuss and ask her and other executive members questions. Besides internal changes, M. Mayer updated the logo, the search engine and the photo processing service. She sees the future development of the company in personalized advertising and mobile applications. Sometime M. Mayer takes unpopular decisions, however, this does not prevent the company from growing and developing: the price of its shares doubled since her arrival in the company. With regard to M. Mayer, ex-employees agree that she belongs to the most intelligent group of people and she has super work abilities. Former employees mention that she was able to return the staff’s pride for the company. The implementation of changes in the company showed the following results: Yahoo’s audience increased by 800 thousand users each month, which is 20% more than before Mayer’s arrival. Current employees are proud to be working for Yahoo, and new colleagues are considering applying for jobs in the company with the most pleasure.
Elon Musk, Tesla Motors, CEO
The development of Silicon Valley in the 1990s was a beginning in life for many charismatic personalities. If there were a rating of prominent Silicon Valley businessmen, the first place would have been awarded to Bill Gates, the second position would have likely been given to Steve Jobs. The third place would be more suitable to the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. His experience, self-confidence and leadership formation, acquired during the heyday of the Internet, became the basis of ambitious projects that can change our world more than Microsoft and IRhone. E. Musk is one of the few entrepreneurs who founded three companies with a market capitalization in excess of $ 1 billion – PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla. At the time when the Internet giants were trying to come up with ways of getting people to click on ads, E. Musk devoted himself to the study of space and the use of alternative energy. Unlike everyone else he plays by other rules which make him extremely successful. Hard work, faith in success and dedication – these are the qualities that he has applied since the first days of his business. E. Musk worked from morning to night, trying to save on everything, including the rent for his apartment, which allowed his to stay afloat during the first most difficult two years when he started providing the system of Internet payment services. Later, the online payment service was sold, however, this will always remain E. Musk’s achievement.
Tesla Motors was invented by engineer-entrepreneurs in 2003. The businessman E. Musk came into the company with his own investment of $70 million. First, he participated in the creation of the first model of the electric sports car Roadster, in the style of British Lotus. E. Musk insisted on the use of innovative developments of the car industry and participated in the creation of the design of both technical and external elements of the car. Despite the positive outlook, the start of the industrial production was disrupted due to a miscalculation of the management. This began a negative period in the life of E. Musk. The error led to doubling the cost of the project. The situation called for decisive action from E. Musk. He accepted the challenge and made use of managerial skills: ruthlessly let everyone go who stayed in the way of finishing the project. He fired on the executive leaders of the company and his team, and took the leadership of the company in his hands. He showed self-sacrifice for the sake of saving the company: sold his favorite McLaren F1, invested the proceeds from the sale of the car into the business and stopped the car making company from bankruptcy. This served as a positive impulse, things began to go well for him even though the automobile industry as a whole was in stagnation. For E. Musk the company Tesla Motors is not just a business, it is an opportunity to abandon the traditional internal combustion engines and start using electricity in order to save the climate of the Earth. Through his own example, E. Musk inspired the team and did not allow the business to go bankrupt. He showed fortitude which motivated his employees to achieve new results. Tesla Motors is one the attractive innovative companies which gives young professionals a chance to build a fantastic career.
The brand of HR is formed by leaders who are the masterminds behind the business. With the help of innovative ideas, original thinking, belief in success, they form a positive image within the company, as well as make attractive the HR brand for new employees.


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