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Negotiations on remuneration on the principle of «win-win»

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Head of Recruiting Company NRG

INNA VOROTNIKOVA Head of Recruiting Company NRG

Head of Recruiting Company NRG

It’s not a secret for everyone that occupies the first place in the market for the quality produced, sold goods, quality of services, and the circumference of the territory, can be only a strong and professional company.

People make business: the team of associates. How to line up such team? This question is discussed by managers and HR practitioners that are designed to develop and implement the whole complex of measures to make the company successful and stable.

If you are interested in hiring a new employees (with expansion of staff, if any of his colleagues, for whatever reason leaves the team, if you need to replace an employee who is unable to cope with the expectations placed on it), you need to attract professionals from the outside world.

One of the most important part of the task – negotiations with the candidate.

Imagine that you have a rare expert who brilliantly held interviews for the vacant post, but called too high amount of expected salary. The company does not have such budget. If you offer a novice a lot of money, you will have to increase the salaries of all the departments that will increase the sales plan for the company, and nobody is ready to do that. Is there a universal tool that can help in this situation? Alas, each case will be considered individually. Your goal is to win the negotiations and to sign up the Job Offer with the candidate. A lot of things depend on you as a negotiator who is authorized to represent the employer.

Practice shows that candidates need from the representative confidence, charisma and professionalism, which leads cooperation talks. Specialist or manager should get satisfactory answers to all the questions he asks, feeling competent interlocutor, he will talk to you as an equal. Your task is to understand the full extent if the candidate has the expertise, which assumes office.

If his functionality is a little, or he encountered with some moments only in theory

– it is the first argument, which can be used to lower expectations for earnings.

In this situation, we can talk about expanding the functional of the candidate to focus on the fact that his experience is somewhat less than that required for the position, respectively, offer rewards may not be as high (so far).

Often, the possibility of professional growth and empowerment, the candidate accepts the offer.

The second possible argument – if the proposed position, by contrast, involves less work. You can safely say that the company has a certain budget that is smaller, and this is understandable.

But then you should pay attention: the candidate should not be overqualified.

Too high qualification – it is an underwater rock, which should not prevent a new member of the team in the future to be successful in your company. And you will often think about how to motivate employees to achieve such an individual and team goals.

Delicate task of the interviewer is interested to find out the motivation of the candidate is not only “on” of the organization in which he is successful now, but also the motivation “to” our company and our demand.

It is important to feel the edge in negotiations, which can not move beyond that would not scare off candidates

When it comes to promotion, and you are 100% sure that the person who is interested in the company, is ambitious, we propose a candidate career, which he has waiting for: an argument number 3.

And in this case, many candidates are willing to sacrifice for the acquisition of material goods management experience, which subsequently increase their value in the market. In this situation, You should remember that, having the opportunity to review the results of wage labor, eventually will need to increase the salary for a full job satisfaction.

When it comes to moving from one city to another, and even more about the change of the country, it needs the full arsenal of your knowledge and interest in every detail, which is important for the candidate: you must

about the priority of the city or the country to which to transport specialist on information support that

company is ready to move in, the compensation package and

social benefits that people receive.

You should to tell about the priorities of the city or of the country, about information support team, about the compensation package and social benefits that candidate will receive.

To learn how your company will support his family: his wife (for example, companies are willing to pay an annual bonus to the salary for a specialist to offset that his wife will not work in the Ukraine), children (foreign companies agree schools and kindergartens, the individual teachers to learn the language.) In negotiations you have to understand exactly who makes the final decision to move, and if necessary – to hold talks with the wife of the candidate to release her fears and to reinforce the seriousness of your company, which guarantees stability and interesting conditions. With the right approach and the respective candidate’s motivation to relocate may be an argument number 4. Most important in the formation of the team – not to be mistaken with the choice of a new employee and offer him adequate working conditions with both material and non-material from the point of view. No company is willing to pay, with quite a selection of candidates who are considering proposals in active or passive mode. For example, there are organizations ready to offer the status and position of the narrow specific knowledge, which can only be purchased in this business, no institution of Ukraine does not teach or release of such professionals. In this case, the employee will pay only for results. Become a rare and sought-after expert on the labor market – one of the main reasons that drive the ambitious candidates and help them to accept your offer. Advice given HR-s with years of experience: Detailed spend situational and behavioral interviews, and interviews on competencies.

It turns thoroughly responsibilities candidate for the vacant position, the quality of its management. Check the competencies that the candidate is selling at high prices. Your task is to understand whether the company is ready to offer a new employee the money. Whether it will be useful in your business? Would approval of the candidate for the vacant position entail an unjustified increase in the budget? An example of the major Ukrainian trading company, which has long sought the “star” of the vacant position PR-director. Initially, the company was interested in PR-director with practical experience in the agencies. The Company believes that it is the representatives of the agencies most motivated to shift to the side of the business. Functional responsibilities of applicants from agencies were at times less than in business, with the declared amount of remuneration is two to three times higher than the budget. The result has been found the most appropriate qualified candidates with experience in the agency and within the business, which declared the conditions beyond the capabilities of the company. Were weighed all the pros and cons of the applicant, the applicant proposed a compromise: the money and benefits that could afford the company, provided that upon reaching clearly defined personal and corporate goals, he can qualify for the expected conditions in six months. These arrangements have been recorded in writing in the contract. PhD proposal accepted, and six months later, thanks to the professionalism of the new employee, the company entered a new level and was able to fully meet the stipulated conditions. Here is another example. Recently, there was a call from a man in the past – the applicant, which I led, which opened his business and for two and a half years, won 15% of the market share of Ukraine in its segment. He spoke about the plans to bring the company into the ranks of the professional one of the key positions. With five managers, whom he knows personally, initial talks were held, but in spite of the fact that all they were offered salary, 30% more than it was at the time, the people refused. Why? Dear colleagues, not always in the consideration of proposals for the successful candidates primary role money plays: for professionals is important in its work, filling this position, area of responsibility and authority, involvement in the work, results and their personal value, recognition of the achievements of the employer. If you are convinced that the company is interested in this specialist, uniquely, it is important to offer you good working conditions, wages, benefits package, and you have to be sure that he will be able to complement and strengthen the team, to give the expected results, even if it means to compromise. Of course, there are some candidates who, when considering proposals hold only numbers. The risk is obvious: they are very long remain competitors in the labor market. Avoid people who are motivated only by money, loyalty to the company they will never be, but “will buy” these employees quickly, provided their activity and the ability to present yourself and your experience. I sincerely believe that the series of your companies will replenish only the strongest professionals motivated to achieve goals.





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