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HR in the industrial sector

HRD-Ukraine, № 4 (235), 2013

Article written byInna Vorotnikova

CEO of the Recruitment company NRG


Anna Tambovskaya

Consultant of the Recruitment company NRG

Воротникова Инна

Inna Vorotnikova
CEO of the Recruitment company NRG

Business – the work of people. Currently all of the company’s responsible approach to the selection of personnel. For the HR–managers in industrial sector are not an easy task to find and assess competent employees, where everyone is an integral part of the manufacturing process, and no matter what post he holds.

For industrial companies very important to find and assess managerial staff, that will control not only the production process, but also a team. Top manager must have soft & hard skills. From the practical experience of selection employees of the company, he can be vocational to conducting interview, preparing a brilliant presentation, a candidate for clarifying questions usually will give socially desirable responses, which eliminates the possibility of objectively assess the candidate. In order to maximize the obtain information and to “reveal” the top manager, we recommend competency based interview, which will assess key skills and zones of development for the top manager. During the standard biographical interview as result you can get a pre-prepared presentation of this manager. A practical example of selection of the top Manager for a large trade and industrial holding company: will review the conduct of the interview with the Director of the food production. At first, HR-manager of the company identifies the key competencies for this position, which helps to minimize the risks in making the right decision. The main requirements to the candidate are: leadership qualities, the successful experience of management of the personnel, experience in modernization

of manufacture. For the identification of the above qualities, you should check such competence as: strategic thinking, innovation and creativity, leadership. We considered several situations in each of the competences, as a result of which the candidate has shown, that has all the necessary skills and experience, in order to take the job. In this case, the decision was made in relation to the candidate, to see how he will cope with writing a business plan for the modernization of one of the departments of production, showing at the same time necessary expenses and the launch date of the new plant, based on the earlier experience. On the preparation of a business plan was given one week, after which the candidate has successfully defended its business project in front of the first persons of the company. With the help of the additional task, the company to minimize their risks, having received in the person of the candidate, the successful production Manager, who works in the company for more than 3 years. It was precisely the successful competent Manager with innovative views and approaches, which the company wanted to see in their ranks.

Pre-prescribed general corporate competencies enable qualitatively select employees of the company, to verify that their skills to corporate standards and corporate culture of the company. Availability corporate performance allows almost unmistakably choose the level of specialist staff with no work experience, as well as expert and manager for any position in the company. In addition to general corporate competencies necessary to check the competence, appropriate to one or another level positions, as well as the availability of the necessary hard skills by performing practical tasks / objectives.

Example of corporate competences with the indicators, one of the leading trade and industrial companies of the non-food:

The main requirements to the employees of the Company:

Relation to the Company Relation to its own activities

Relations with colleagues



 Professionalism;

 A thoughtful related to the case;

 Readiness to sacrifice personal time to meet the goals;

 Ability to solve the set tasks in a certain period of time; 


Personal motivation

 Purposefulness;

 Activity;

 Readiness for continuous learning;

 Readiness to make additional efforts to achieve the result;


Interpersonal understanding

 Openness;

 Honesty;

 The responsiveness;

 Implementation of ethical standards;

 Manifestation of tolerance and tact in respect of colleagues.

In the selection of experts, is typically conducted a biographical interview. Experienced HR-s recommend to use the situational and behavioral interview, or elements of competency based interview. When it comes to production specialists, it is necessary to assess their professional knowledge and skills. Most technical specialists are introverts, and terse, that in the interview prevents them from properly present themselves. But, at the same time, they can perform technical tasks that will help them to open up a professional point of view. To assess the technical knowledge of the candidate shall be drawn up the test technical task that will help determine the level of knowledge of a specialist. Assessing the technical competence of a specialist in conjunction with the results of the interview we can make a decision on the candidate. Some of the manufacturing company’s practice to invite a specialist in the production to solve the technical problem, or set a duration to see a candidate in the process and only after that take a decision on the further employment to the permanent place of work.

Often companies have resorted to mass recruitment, for example: General workers for seasonal work. The main criteria of selection for this category of personnel is a good physical form, the absence of chronic diseases and harmful habits. Experienced HR-s industrial sector advised to invite candidates for an interview with the workbook, in order to ensure that potential applicants for the vacant job was not in the working life of layoffs on Article and / or reprimands. The specialists of working professions, as a rule, there is no CV. For the quality of the interview and to save time during the interview in advance is elaborate an inquiry that potential applicants will be able to fill in at the meeting. The above examples – it is a small part of the time-consuming process of HR in the manufacturing sector. On how the set HR processes in the company, whether they are automated and adapted to the specifics of a company depends on the effectiveness and success of the business as a whole.


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