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Cigar specialist wanted. Cigar rollers should not bother!

HRD-Ukraine, № 9 (240), 2013

Article written by Anna Kovalenko

Senior Consultant of NRG Company

Outstanding people are often

recruited from the job they love,

to a job that they will love even more.

Seth Godin



Anna Kovalenko
Senior Consultant of NRG Company

At this point there are about 50 thousand different professions on the planet, and every year more and more of such new interesting and necessary professions appear, for example, such as, the packer of glass cups, the jam spreader on the bread, lifeguard on a nude beach, phone astrologer, paper bags tester, assembler of dry zoo substances and others.

There is no single definition for the specialists who could be considered scarce on the labor market. This category is rather foggy. There can be people of rare professions in this category, as well as those who have mastered some skills; however, the workers with special knowledge are very scarce or do not exist on the market at all. The people who possess rare knowledge and skills are most often called hard to find specialists.

The success of any business is directly dependent on the company’s personnel policy whose main role is the selection and the creation of a professional staff.

One of the beauties of working in the field of recruiting is that there are no limits in communication. You can communicate with people of different levels, professions and even nationalities. There are no forbidden subjects, questions or unreachable people for a recruiter nowadays. Frequently, a recruiter has to fulfill some difficult, unique and at times even impossible tasks, such as, “to go there, do not even know where, find that, do not even know what”…. However, this represents mainly the drive for a recruiter, like a sportsman drive awakens that helps to be better and implement complex projects. As it is well known, the good experts with a narrow area of expertise are rarely considered for the active offers in the labor market.

They are quite often motivated from inside the company in order to retain them ( signing long-term contracts, buying apartments/cars, paying the tuition for the employees as well as their kids and others). Everyone is individually motivated, therefore, in order to obtain such a specialist or manager for the company it is necessary to put forth much effort, ingenuity and ability to sell, in our case, vacancies.

One of the best examples in the professional practice: the experiment of finding a quite rare and exotic specialist – an African-Ukrainian journalist.

The first thing that one may wonder after beginning such a project is why a company needs this kind of specialist, however, the answer is quite simple: there is a need of a journalist with a bright and memorable appearance who would favorably stand out among the crowd of colleagues. The important thing here is to not to get confused and taking into consideration the demands of the project to think where you could look for such a rare specialist and how to find this kind of person in the most efficient way. The ideal candidate should have an education in journalism, work experience and be fluent in the Russian and Ukrainian languages. The first steps were communicating with main universities, embassies, consulates and communities. Afterwards switch to the media (channels, magazines and information agencies), where such potential candidates may be working. It is important to formulate your request correctly during the implementation of these projects in order for the people who will help to understand clearly what to recommend and how to help. In this case, as it is often in a recruiter’s job, it is important to have the right lead and have good communication with the people who you ask to help recommend the right person. Also a successful example of realization of the project from one of leading TV channels on the search of the psychic leader. The challenge will be to find a charismatic person who will be able to attract and retain the attention of the audience, and thereby increase the rating of the TV show. The search in this project was carried out in different ways; however, the best recommendations came from the people with whom you have well-established relationships.

Of course, not all the vacancies can be so exotic and nonstandard. As a matter of fact, even the simplest and often actual vacancy such as an accountant may be difficult and rare, for instance, if the knowledge of the Turkish or Chinese language is added to it. Then the search for such a specialist from thousands of potential candidates is narrowed down to just a few.

Another interesting example from practice – is the search for the unique manager, to be exact the chief engineer on offshore drilling with experience in a particular sea (there are specific methods of drilling for each sea).We were able to estimate the uniqueness of such a candidate only after the start of the project. Having analyzed the key players in the global market and the projects that were finished in the region of the client’s interest, it was evident that the client was only interested in people from the companies with experience of implementing such big projects on the particular territory. Next is headhunting: there is only one chance to interest the person in my offer and convince him that this is the chance of his professional career that he cannot afford to pass.

If you are faced with the task of finding a specialist from the following professions as: buster (a lawyer, specializing in solving labor conflicts on the part of the employer), sommelier (a wine specialist), tea tester, cigar rollers, cigar specialists, winemakers and so on, or there are specific qualifications that would influence the number of potential candidates then in this case the most effective search method is the Executive Search that is most frequently used by the recruiters in order to achieve fast results. For that reason it is important to be a “hunter” and not a “fisherman”, and furthermore, it is not only enough to find the target, you have to arouse its interest and motivate it.

The special features of the Executive Search method consist in the searching of these rare, successfully already employed and who are not thinking about leaving their present job specialists from the other competitive companies. These are the kind of instances when every stage of the hiring takes place strictly in a confidential manner and the present employer finds out about the loss of his employee only after all the interviews passed, all the conditions are agreed on and the job offer is signed with the new company.

An experienced recruiter, who possesses different methods of personnel selection, can fill any vacancy without any trouble no matter of the level, difficultness and direction of activity of the job.

It is important to believe and remember that no matter how difficult or unreal a project may seem, there is always the specialist/manager you are looking for and he is waiting for your phone call and an interesting offer to change his job.



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