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Change in the processes of recruiting

HRD-Ukraine, № 10 (241), 2013
Article written by Elena Dushina,
Consultant of NRG Company


Elena Dushina
Consultant of NRG Company

In the process of an organization’s growth the approach to recruiting should change, since the priorities and the benchmarks are becoming quite different. This process is quite complex and long: changing a well-defined staff selection method over the years is not easy, but nevertheless possible.

Restructuring of HR (including the functions of recruiting). The understanding of the need of a HR-service comes at the time of the active development of the organization. The HR management functions, including recruiting, exist always in a company: in fact we hire employees from the beginning, prepare jobs for them, help them to adapt even if the company does not have a unit that deals with these issues. However, actions can be effective only when they are well structured and clearly defined. No matter how surprising it may be, but the creation of a HR department it is frequently an easier task than making changes to the structure of an existing department. Yes, the creation of something takes a lot of time and effort. However, in this case you have more freedom and opportunity to do everything as you see it fit, you can make mistakes, try something new, and these actions will not affect the work because there was not anything like it in the company before. But if you are faced with the question of restructuring, it is necessary to begin with the analysis of all the processes that are already established structures and the identification of its weak and strong sides, and to address the deficiencies and to reinforce the positions.

In my practice I had a chance to experience the transformation of an HR-service which was a labor-intensive but interesting process. An enormous amount of work has been done, but the result was worth it. It all began with the writing of a clear plan of action. We began the analysis based on the results, developed the structure of the HR department, identified the optimal number of employees for the department and assigned areas of responsibility. Afterwards all the processes and procedures had been written and clear communication was set with all the departments.

Changing the approval procedure of new vacancies. In connection with the establishment in the structure of the organization of the new divisions and the introduction of new positions there is a need to amend the procedure for approving new vacancies. For example, before this process occurred at random or just because the manager of the department decided that “we need another one, or maybe two candidates”. It is necessary to begin with the description of the process of the approval of new vacancies in the company, which includes the explanation for the need of the new staff member, agreement with all the departments related to this staff member, the approval of the budget and the confirmation by the company’s management department. Probably, this process will initially seem slow, but it will lead to indisputable results, as it was in our case, in the form of a reduction of expenses and an increase in the efficiency and optimization of the staff. The process of modification of the procedure would have taken longer than the development and introduction of those changes since not every management leadership will initially understand the value of the transformations.

Application of changes in the process of searching and selecting of the personnel. Due to the increase of sales in the company there is a demand for new personnel. The process of searching and selecting of personnel requires organization in this case, otherwise you will be working wastefully, hiring employees “at a guess”. A clear description of the business processes will allow the formation of the effective performance processes and eliminate inappropriate work methods, reduce unnecessary expenses, allocate the tasks correctly and eliminate their duplication, form a paperwork database which will help regulate the process. First, we identified the structure of the departments, the prescribing of the process of the search and selection of personnel starting with the receipt of the application and followed by the transfer of a vacancy into a job, the preparation of documents ( the situation about the selection of personnel, application of the selection of personnel, budget for the selection of personnel, plan of recruitment, the rules of formation of a personnel reserve, requirements for vacancies, the profile of the position, reports on the results of the work).

The change of procedure for the candidate’s approval and acceptance into the staff. The procedure of approval allows not only to systematize the process of selection, but also to protect themselves from the changes of decisions both by the management and candidates. If your company still does not have experience in the creation of a Job Offer than you should think about it.


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