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Automation of work of agency in practice

HRD-Ukraine, № 7 (250), 2014

Article written by Aleksandr  Kostyna,

Senior Consultant of NRG Company

Aleksandr Kostyna, Concultant of NRG

Aleksandr Kostyna,
Concultant of NRG

In this article I would like to share some practical examples related to the automation of the recruiting processes. Given that the selection process as a whole is the same, one should pay close attention to details. The materials used in the article have an advisory character without any binding to specific software.
How does automation begin? It begins at the moment when your head spins around from the vast number of resumes received. The solution to this problem is the creation of a resume database. However, this is just a general definition which is interpreted by each person on an individual level. Let us examine closer this principle. First, it is represented by the creation of a structured electronic warehouse of the candidates resumes.
A database is also a system of storing vacancies, clients and other related information (guides, directories, users, etc.). The information included is intertwined in various connections and relationships. What you have just imagined does not represent automation, but it is only a computer technique that stores all the resumes and vacancies and does not do anything by itself. Nowadays, there is a large number of software products which fit the definition of a “database”, however, we will set this subject aside for now. Let us consider what one can do with the information found on a virtual computer database (see Fig.1).

If the company does not have such a detailed scheme of action, then it is time to create one yourself. You can delegate this scheme from the software developer consultant if he has such a scheme. This will save a lot of time for his basic work functions. Pay attention to the time frame, the result obtained at the end of the process, as well as to the communication and execution order. After receiving a detailed diagram you can answer the question about what needs to be automated: “Our company wants to automate all the HR-processes”.
Statistics show that all the processes and procedures can be categorized into three parts. One third of them can be easily automated without our participation. The second third can be automated, but it is necessary to put in time. And the remaining third is not represented by Figure 2 at all. Here are some examples of automated processes that should not be automated. It is not worth for a company to automate, at least at this stage of developing such technologies and techniques as making comments on the results of the interview with the candidate, assessment of competencies and behaviors, making decisions on the candidate and other transactions in which the employee has an important role.
Let’s start with what is already automated – it is usually obvious processes that are an integral part of a resume or a job. For example, the date of the creation of a job used to be entered manually, however, since automation started to be used this function became automatic at the creation of the vacancy. Also, for example, the feedback gathering from employment websites and saving it in the database occurs without your participation. You can agree that is convenient, is not it ? The filling of a vacancy by a candidate who is participating in the selection process is triggered by an email sent to the candidates.
All these and other functional features can be described by the consultant developer or they are described in the documentation of the software. Compare the chart of your company and what is provided by the functional.
Software: it may be the case that everything is ready and the standard package is enough for you. However, if an individual approach is used for the selection process, it will be necessary to diversify the functionality provided by the processes of the scheme. And if the person does not have the key role in it, then this is what you could automate. For example, if the head of the company takes business trips often and has to postpone meetings, in this case, this process can be automated as shown in Fig. 2.

Automation - копия
In our company, likewise, the process of adding phone call interviews and the results of the phone interviews will influence the further participation of the candidate to the selection. It is important that the software has the function of editing standard processes and adding new ones. If such an option is not provided by the proposed software, then give it up since the automation results and the work results are being placed under question as a whole. It is advisable to pay attention to the ease of use: the more convenient to use then the faster the desired effect will be achieved.
After some work is done and the first few months of getting used to the new and/or other activities have passed, stop for a few minutes and look what direction you need to refocus your attention to.
I think, you will be able to note that you started to pay more attention to the timing and results: improved your personal time management, you obtained such powerful tools for assessing the work done as statistics and analytics. Most likely, you will be surprised in the beginning that analytics can be automated as well. Remember that this process used to take a lot of time for the head manager and now it can be done quickly.
The result of automation will depend on how flexible the software is with respect to implementing your individual scheme. It is also important to bring to the employees attention, if there are subordinates, that their work will be evaluated by using the software which should have a positive impact on the work of employees.
Automation will be useful regardless of the number of personnel who will use the software, therefore, the results affect the department as a whole. However, it is always worth remembering that there are processes in which people perform the key role. Automation is the ability to concentrate in order to best fulfill this role. Good luck!




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