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Looking for young recruiters!

On April 26 and 27, representatives of the New Recruiting Group visited the Job Fairs on the basis of higher educational institutions: the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management and National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

For a few days we managed to meet with a large number of students and graduates of universities that were interested in our activities and the possibility of gaining experience in the field of recruitment. We with great pleasure told about ourselves and about recruitment and were pleasantly surprised by the openness and enthusiasm with which students listened and asked us questions.

Since the company New Recruiting Group is friendly to talented graduates of absolutely different specialties, we, with great pleasure, are ready to give an opportunity for beginning specialists to undergo internships and get the opportunity to stay in the company on a permanent basis. Given the number of questionnaires and people we collected, we are confident that very soon our team will necessarily replenish with an ambitious young specialist, from which, subsequently, we can make a professional recruiter.

We would like to express special gratitude to the organizers of these fairs – Ksenia Ivanovna Lovetskaya (Head of the Center for the Employment of Students of the IAPM) and Irina V. Voytyuk (Head of the Employment Center for Students of MP Dragomanov National Research University) who have done everything possible to attract the maximum number of employers And to give, therefore, the opportunity for interested students and graduates to start their careers.

We strive to make visiting such fairs a good tradition within the framework of our work and are always open to cooperation with talented young people.

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