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Vinnytsia confectionery factory Roshen for the year has increased profits by 21%

In 2017, the Vinnitsa confectionary factory, part of the Roshen corporation in accordance with accounting technologies, increased net profit by 21%, or by 0.6 million hryvnia to 3.595 million hryvnia in comparison with 2016. This is stated in the report of the factory.

The company’s assets as of the end of 2017 amounted to UAH 4,188.549 million, current liabilities – UAH 137,642 million, long-term liabilities – UAH 39,767 million, total accounts receivable – UAH 249,014 million. The company increased net income by 21.7%, or by 162.7 million hryvnia to 913.7 hryvnia in comparison with 2016.

According to the company’s data, in the system of information disclosure of the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market (NSCO), the factory produced 74,385 thousand tons of sweets, 8,329 thousand tons of waffles, 15,6 thousand tons of chocolate and 18,800 tons of cookies, crackers and cakes.

In 2016, Vinnytsia confectionary factory Roshen reduced its net profit by 17 times to UAH 2,971 million compared to 2015, increasing net income by 6.8%, or by 47.639 million hryvnia to 750.998 million hryvnia.

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