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Victor Povnitsa, ECO market: The turnover of updated stores is growing from 30 to 100%

In 2018, about 20 Eco Market stores will be renovated and up to five new outlets will be opened. This was stated by the president of the network “ECO market” Viktor Povnitsa.

“Thus, in 2018-19 we want to complete the program of updating stores,” Povnitsa said in an interview with rau.ua.

He explained that it is cheaper to reconstruct a store than to open a new one. “For the same amount, you can open a new facility, or reconstruct 5-6 existing ones,” the head of ECO Market said.

In 2017, opened one store “ECO market” and 21 updated. This led to an increase in turnover. “The turnover of the updated retail outlets of the Eco Market network grows from 30 to 100%, depending on the store,” Povnica said. As a result, the turnover last year increased by about 13%, to 7 billion UAH.

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