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“Ukrtatnafta” Kolomoisky was unable to achieve a restriction of imports of gasoline

На заседании 20 апреля 2018 года Межведомственная комиссия по международной торговле отказалась от Укртатнафты («Приват Групп» контролирует компанию с 2007 года) при проведении специального расследования импорта нефтепродуктов

“Taking into account the absence of sharp and unforeseen growth of imports, the MCIT decided not to start a special investigation,” the MEDT was informed.

Recall that in mid-March 2018, Igor Kolomoisky through the company Ukrtatnafta asked the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to introduce quotas for the import of gasoline and diesel fuel to Ukraine from May 1, 2018. In particular, imports from Russia and Belarus were proposed to be limited from 50% of the Ukrainian market (90,000 tons of gasoline, 250,000 tons of diesel fuel per month) from May 1, 30 percent of the Ukrainian market (55,000 tons of gasoline, 150 thousand tons of DT per month). On the volume supplied over quotas, it was proposed to introduce a duty at the level of 29.3% of the cost for gasolines, 30.7% for diesel fuel.

Ukrtatnafta said that it would help to overcome dependence on supplies from the Russian Federation, diversify supply sources, support the domestic producer and increase the loading of domestic refineries. But according to experts in the event that such an initiative would be successfully implemented, the losses of agrarians could reach billions of hryvnia

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