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Ukrainians created an application for comparing prices in supermarkets

The Ukrainian team created the application Free of charge, allowing you to compare prices in supermarkets and determine the smallest check. The application is available for download on Google Play, in the near future the team promises to release it on iOS.

In order to start working with the service, the user needs to select a shopping list. Further, the total cost of the basket can be compared in supermarkets. Now Without commission with several large networks in Kiev – Auchan, Furshet, MegaMarket, Novus, Fozzy and others.

The representatives of the project note that they are negotiating with the stores “ATB”, “Fora” and “Eco Market”. Over the next three months, the team adds three more networks to the database.

Prices in the Carefree automatically once a week, the stock – every two days. Also in the application, you can send a check of goods to actualize its value.

For sending checks, the service will send bonuses on a special program. These bonuses can be converted into prepaid cards of trading networks or in real money – to a phone bill or bank card.

Now Costless works only in Kiev. Behind the capitol of the team comes out in July 2018.

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