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The pension fund will work in a new way, and the increase in the “minimum” was threatened: the results of the week

The outgoing week will be remembered by Ukrainians for contradictory statements about the future growth of the “minimum wage” to 4100-4200 hryvnia and the deterioration of economic forecasts for Ukraine.

  • Pension fund with Oracle server system

The Pension Fund (PF) of Ukraine received from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) an Oracle server system worth $ 1 million. The system will improve the service of retirees who will be able to track their pensions online. So, in the coming months, the PF will launch a service for the remote receipt of certificates from the pension fund, and will also send out SMS to pensioners. From the last service you can refuse.

  • The budgetary policy for three years is a dollar for 30.

The government approved the main directions of the budgetary policy for 2019-2021 years by specifying the targets for inflation and national debt. According to the forecast, GDP in nominal terms in 2019 will amount to UAH 3.734 trillion, and the average annual rate of the national currency will be UAH 30.5 per dollar.

  • Minimum wage

Since the beginning of April, the question of the next increase in the minimum wage has been actively discussed in Ukraine. In the state budget for 2018 it is stipulated that the Cabinet will analyze the implementation of the budget the next day the amount of the minimum of 4200 UAH.

  • IMF forecast for Ukraine

The forecast of average annual inflation in Ukraine in 2018 is worsened by 4 percentage points (pp) – up to 11%. The IMF worsened the inflation forecast in 2019 to 8% from 7%.

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