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South America strengthens its position in the world agricultural market

The production of soybeans in South America will grow by 11-16% in 2018/2019, said Pedro Deineka, partner of the Brazilian company MD Commodities, at the XV Anniversary International Conference “Grain of the Black Sea Coast-2018” – the world’s leading forum, recognized as the leaders in the production and export of cereals and oilseeds cultures. According to his forecasts, the crop of this crop in the region will reach 200 million tons.

The main producer of soybean in South America is Brazil – the country in recent years produces approximately 110 million tons of legumes. And a huge part of the harvest is exported. Brazil is the largest exporter of soybean in the world.

Growing and export of corn from Brazil. In particular, in the first three months of this year, the volume of exports is more than twice as high as in the same period in 2017. Over the last calendar year the country exported more than 30 million tons of corn

The speaker also noted that Brazil is also able to partially solve the logistical problems in the sphere of agricultural products export. In particular, due to the shipment of goods in the ports of the so-called “Northern Arch”. The fact is that the cost of shipping Brazilian agricultural goods to the ports of the Northern Arch is much less than to the southern ports of the eastern coast of the country.

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