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Silpo exchanges garbage for points: the retailer launches a station for the recycling of secondary raw materials

Trade network Silpo together with the project “Ukraine without smittya” will open in its supermarket a mobile station for receiving sorted debris – # SilpoRecycling.

According to the press service of the company, # SilpoRecycling is the first mobile station in Ukraine to receive a wide range of recyclables near the supermarket. It will take all the secondary raw materials that are recyclable. For the delivery of raw materials, guests will receive points on the map “Vlasni Rahunok” from Silpo.

The press service of the trading network was reminded that now 5% of the territory of Ukraine is occupied by garbage dumps, and 625,000 wagons will be needed to export this garbage. “And all because all our waste without sorting goes to the burial place, and this, on average, 350 kg of garbage per 1 Ukrainian a year. We in Silpo are deeply concerned about the magnitude of this problem, and we understand that an innovative approach is needed to solve it. This was the main reason for the collaboration with the organization “Ukraine without smittya” and the launch of the project # SilpoRecycling, “the company explained.

In Silpo also noted that the station for receiving sorted debris will open on May 20 in the supermarket Silpo on the street. Petra Kalnyshevsky, 2 in Kiev. Those who came to the opening not only will be able to look at the principle of the station, but also learn more about the motivation for its creation, the value of the project for the city, and why the success of solving the garbage problem requires the close participation of each Ukrainian. At the same time, the company did not specify whether this project will be scaled to other retail outlets of the network.

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