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NABU investigates “coal” case against DTEK Akhmetov

Criminal proceedings relate to imports from the US by DTEK of substandard coal with a high sulfur content.

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau is investigating the import of illiquid coal with an increased sulfur content by DTEK. This on Friday, May 11, wrote an energy expert and a former member of the NERC Andrei Gerus on his Facebook page.

According to him, the production was opened on the fact of possession of property by officials of DTEK’s power holding company, who imported from the United States illiquid coal with a high sulfur content of 3.33% -3.46%, and in tariffs received Rotterdam +. “Although in Rotterdam the sulfur rate is less than 1%,” wrote Gerus. Gerus noted that DTEK bought environmentally harmful coal cheaply, “chased” it through its Swiss trader DTEK Trading S.A., raising the price by 20 dollars per ton.

“With inflated overpriced, they already imported to Ukraine and presented it to everyone as” expensive American coal, “he wrote.

Gerus added that the heads of the Energy Ministry and the NKRECU were happy to believe in this “expensive American coal” and showed it at the presentations as a justification when the electricity tariffs were raised again.

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