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MARKET NEWS: 2018, January 23 – January 29

  • Ukrainian industrial company Interpipe introduces a new model of business management: from January 1, 2018, steel, pipe and railway divisions will be created. Andrey Korotkov, commercial director of Interpipe Steel, was appointed the director of the steel division.  The division of railway products includes a wheel-rolling shop and a workshop for the production of railway axles and wheel sets at the Interpipe NTZ plant, as well as a corresponding sales department. The division was headed by Alexander Garkavy, director of sales of railway products Interpipe. The general director of Interpipe Fadi Hraibe will combine his current position with the position of the head of the pipe division. Vera Smal is appointed deputy director of the pipe division.
  • Oleg Maksak was dismissed from the post of executive director of the agro-industrial group “Arnika”.
    In the comments of Latifundist.com the owner of the agro-industrial group “Arnika” Andrei Pilipchenko confirmed this information, and noted that in the next six months he will perform the functions of operational management.

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