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MARKET NEWS: 2017, October 30 – November 06

  • The owner of the Mafia network will open 20 restaurants next year.
    This year the owners of the Mafia and Casta chains opened 12 restaurants. In 2018, the plans are even more grandiose – plus 20 new establishments.
    In total, the founders of Mafia have 48 restaurants out of which 13 work on franchising. Among them there are 33 Mafia restaurants, 6 – Casta, 2 – Georgia, 3 Yakitoria, one BAO and “Gra z vagnem”.
  • The accounts of the state enterprise Artyomsol were arrested on November 2. The press service of the enterprise informs.
    “Artyomsol’s GP accounts were arrested on November 2. It became known that the arrest occurred as a result of the opening of the enforcement proceeding to recover UAH 70.5 million from the GP Artemsol due to violation of the terms of the agreement with KPVI Memory in the period 2014 – 2015, “it was reported.
    As a result of litigation between Memorial and Artisol GPU, the state enterprise must pay a fine in the amount of UAH 63.95 million, a judicial fee of UAH 172.5 thousand and an executive fee of UAH 6.4 million. In turn, Artemsol appealed to the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine against the court decisions.
  • The gas producer, Golden Derrick, formerly owned by Yanukovych’s former energy minister Eduard Stavitsky, changed its name to East Europe Petroleum LLC. The relevant information is placed in the state register of legal entities of the Ministry of Justice.
    The founders and the head of the company have not changed. 67% of the share capital of East Europation Petroleum belongs to the Cyprus company Hartlog Limited, 33% – NAK Nadra of Ukraine.
    According to the media now, this company is controlled by Russian businessman Pavel Fuchs.

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