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MARKET NEWS: 2017, October 18 – October 23

  • Irina Kholod headed the marketing department in Nova Posta.
    She already headed the marketing department of Nova Posta from 2011 to 2015.
    Since October 2015, Irina Kholod headed the company Ukrainian E-commerce Expert – a communication platform designed to develop business processes and regulate the activities of companies in the Ukrainian e-commerce market.
  • Tourist company Tez Tour has appointed a new director of its representative office in Ukraine. From October 19 Tez Tour Ukraine is headed by Alexander Novikovsky, the press service of the company reports.
    Alexander Himishinets, who previously held the position of director, moves to the Management Company Tez Tour Holding.
    The company also announced other changes in the management structure.
    Alexander Novikovsky was the co-founder and director of the Ukrainian office of the tourist company Turtess Travel, is the owner of the company Tourist Leader and president of the Association of Leaders of the tourist business of Ukraine.
  • Court seized accounts of 24 Ukrainian IT companies
    Companies are accused of legalizing illegal proceeds from the import of electronic goods and services.
    The court granted the investigation part in part: the accounts of the defendants in PrivatBank were arrested, the movement of funds for them, in addition to salary, tax and pension transactions – was frozen.
  • Non-executive director of the board of directors of MHP SE (Myronivsky Hliboproduct, owned by businessman Yuri Kosyuk) Philippe Lamarche resigned, the company said on the website of the London Stock Exchange.
    Lamarš resigned for personal reasons, the report said, and the MHP began searching for a suitable candidate for Lamarsh’s place.
    Lamarsh joined the MHP’s board of directors in 2011. He was also a member of the company’s audit committee.
  • Former managers Louis Dreyfus Ukraine founded the company Sierentz Global Merchants Ukraine
    The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered the company Sierentz Global Merchants Ukraine with a statutory fund of almost 40 million UAH. This is reported by Latifundist.com. Previously, the Reuters news agency reported, citing sources, that former managers of Louis Dreyfus founded the grain trading company Sierentz Global Merchants in Switzerland.
    The final beneficiaries of Sierentz Global Merchants Ukraine are Thomas Schultz and Helen Lovley.
    The latter was vice-president of Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy LLC – the former “energy daughter” of a grain-trading giant. In 2012, the company was acquired by its management and a group of private investors and eventually renamed Castleton Commodities International LLC.
    The main activity of Sierentz Global Merchants Ukraine is wholesale trade in grain, untreated tobacco, seeds and animal feed.
    The director of the company is Lampraquis Lazos. Together with him, six other former managers Louis Dreyfus Ukraine also joined the new company.
    In particular, Sergey Kirilyuk was appointed deputy general director for commercial issues, Katerina Krycka was the financial director, Svetlana Gladchenko, chief lawyer. It is reported that Sierentz will increase the staff of traders and concentrate on the export of grain and oilseeds.

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