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MARKET NEWS: 2017, June 26 – July 03

  • One of the world’s largest producers of plant protection products and seeds Syngenta has opened a research and selection center worth $ 1 million in the Dnipropetrovsk region.
    According to the company’s press release, the center’s goal is to study the selection material of maize, sunflower and to obtain new early hybrids with high potential, derived for the climatic conditions of Ukraine. The Scientific and Selection Center is located on an area of 1.1 thousand square meters and includes office and laboratory part.
  • Shareholders of the oil and gas company JKX Oil & Gas Plc were dismissed from the post of company head Tom Reed (Tom Reed)
    In addition, the shareholders withdrew from the board of directors of the company Russell Hoare (Russell Hoare) and Vladimir Rusinov.
    At the same time, the owners of the company re-elected Alan Bigman (Alan Bigman) and Bernard Sacher (Bernie Sucher) as directors of JKX.

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