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MARKET NEWS: 2017, July 11 – July 17

  • Agrofusion, the largest Ukrainian vertically integrated producer of tomato paste, may commission a tomato processing plant in August 2017. Agrofusion includes two tomato paste production plants with the processing capacity of about 500 thousand tons of tomatoes per season, as well as agricultural enterprises in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, processing 20 thousand hectares of irrigated land, and two hothouse farms
  • The chain of household appliances and electronics stores Eldorado plans to open 37 stores in a new format by the end of 2017. The network will be expanded by a new team of top management headed by Vitaly Gresko, the general director.
    New top managers began to work in such business units: business development department, retail development, logistics, marketing, personnel management.
  • The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) authorized the investment company BT Invest (Lithuania), the owner of the network of supermarket supermarkets Novus and Castle Black Limited (Cyprus) to acquire joint control over the agricultural company Crousman Constructions Limited (Cyprus).
    According to AMCU decision No. 401-r of June 29, Crousman Constructions plans to provide elevator services in the Mykolayiv region.

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