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MARKET NEWS: 2017, April 04 – April 10

  • The ISD Corporation will appoint Alexander Podkorytov, the ex-general director of the Yenakiyevo MZ, as the director general of the Dneprovsky MK. He will come to the enterprise with a new team of managers. Igor Susidko became the new director of security. In the early and mid-2000s he held various positions in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Donetsk region. Maxim Berezin was commissioned to perform the duties of the commercial director, who in 2016 was the commercial director of MMK im.Ilyich, which is part of the Metinvest group. Ekaterina Burenko was appointed Director of Economics. Earlier she also worked for many years in various structures of the group “Metinvest”.
  • Alexander Melnychuk newly appointed as a Director of Strategic Marketing Network “BRSM-Nafta.” Melnychuk quit his  post last month. In recent years, he represented the position of “BRSM-Nafta” in most press conferences, commented on events related to the fire on tank farms of under Vasylkiv, explosions at the gas station “BRSM-Nafta”, search law enforcers and prosecutors on the company’s facilities.
  • CEO of mobile operator lifecell (formerly Astelit) Burak Ersoy next month will leave the company.
    It is said in a statement.
    Ersoy will work until May 1, as well as provide strategic support to the company.
    It is noted that he intends to pursue a career in another field.

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