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MARKET NEWS: 2016, October 18 – October 24

  • The UMG holding which unites assets of Rinat Akhmetov’s SCM Group has introduced a new executive position and made personnel rotation. From 21 October this year, the company UMG entered a new executive director,  Dmitri Anoufriev, previously head of the Department of the company’s strategy. The position of director of strategy takes Orest Novoselskiy previously investment manager of SCM Holding. Commercial Director appointed Sergei Melnichenko, whose main task will be the integration and further development of all business functions of the company.
  • In Kiev, presented RIALTO project – a new system of e-procurement business. It works on the principle of the system of electronic public procurement ProZorro. Over the year and a half ground reduced the cost of government purchases by an average of 30%. The RIALTO, as ProZorro, promises participants a level playing field, publicity, transparent selection of the winner and fair competition. Participating companies have agreed to a system of a certain ‘Statute fair play “, which committed themselves to the system announced in all its purchases.
  • In the “Ukrposhta” appointed a new marketing director. It’s Tsvintarny Arthur, who previously headed the marketing and advertising in the “Oschadbank.” Before him, the company marketing the postal service worked Yurkovskaya Elena, she headed the relevant unit in 2014. Also, according to the press service of the company, as Director of Brand Marketing at “Ukrposhta” appointed Boris Tsomaya. Also in the “Ukrposhta” the position PR-director appointed Darina Marczak, former press secretary of the Ministry of Finance. Position Director of Legal Affairs took Bortnichuk Leonid, who had worked in one of the departments of the postal company.

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