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French unions supported the application of MHP’s competitors for the acquisition of Doux

On May 15, the Commercial Court of Rennes, various applications for the acquisition of Doux. The hearings lasted more than four hours, during the participation in the contest of MHP participants.

Doux-Terrena, and the company from Saudi Arabia – Al-Munai.

Nadine Urman (Nadia Counter). “We have chosen a proposal that provides employment for more employees,” said trade unionist Nadine Urman (Nadia Counter).

Recall that this application provides the preservation of 920 jobs out of 1,187 and offers 418 vacancies for other employees.

According to Nadine Urman, the application of the MHP in accordance with employment is incommensurable with the consortium.

At the same time, according to act.fr, over the past few days, the Ukrainian company has slightly revised the number of jobs saved – from 285 to 304. To them within two years will be added about 430 positions for the new production unit .

The publication emphasizes that the consortium’s application is supported by state and local authorities.

“The choice of LDC is related to your priority for maintaining long-term jobs in the industrial sector and in the livestock sector,” said Loïg Chesnais-Girard, president of the Regional Council of Brittany.

In addition, the Regional Council of Brittany ordered to support this project for up to 20 million euros.

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