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Foxtrot opened a new format store in Kiev

At the end of April, a new Foxtrot store was opened in the Kiev shopping and entertainment center Rive Gauche. On the opening day, visitors to the store were entertained by a DJ and a presenter calling the guests of the Rive Gauche shopping and entertainment center to take a photo from the store and take part in a draw of gifts from Foxtrot. And at the entrance to the store, next to the phone booth, the British Royal Guardsmen were on duty.

The new store works in the concept of “omnipresence”. Therefore, if the buyer wants to buy a product that is not in the supermarket, the sales consultant will help you find or select it in the online store of more than 20,000 items. In the trading hall of the new capital Foxtrot, special attention will be paid to the “purchase on the Internet” sector and “pick-up: order on the Internet – take it in the store.”

Separately allocated in the outlet a credit registration area.

Another non-standard solution in the store was a recreation area in which you can play not only on the PlayStation, but also on bagpipes.

The store in Rive Gauche became already the 19th in the retail network of the capital. And in Ukraine there are already 160 supermarkets Foxtrot. The company’s stores are represented in 90 regional and district centers of Ukraine, and their total sales area is about 151,000 square meters. m.

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