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Forecast of export of millet in 2017/18 MY is increased by 40%

According to the results of 2017/18 MY, the export of millet from Ukraine can reach 35 thousand tons, which is 40% more than forecasted a month earlier.So, after a three-month planned decrease in exports of this crop, according to operational data, the March volume of supplies reached 1.7 thousand tons, which formed the total volume of shipments in September-March at 21.4 thousand tons.

Taking into account the significant reduction of areas in a month and a half. t, which is 47.8% less than in 2016/17 MY (234 thousand tons), and caused a decline in estimates for almost all items of distribution, and in the first place – exports.

The projected export potential of culture following the results of the current season is 64% less than the indicator of 2016/17 MY (97 thousand T). At the same time, there is an active demand for culture from South Africa and the EU countries.

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