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Headhunting and Executive search

Historical reference: The practice of poaching in the business environment was used for the first time by the employees of the company Ernst & Young. This was the birth of recruiting in the 40-50-ies when it became necessary to find a way to implement recommendations on business process management. The fight among the largest industrial companies for other people’s staff still continues today. Successful Headhunting announces breaking news of personnel changes and transitions among the leaders of the giant companies. Executive search – a search among successful managers in the industry. Executive search recruiters’ work can be seen when a leading specialist, who was known as a member of one company, can present an innovative project on behalf of his new employer.

In Ukraine, Headhunting and Executive search is often combined, to some it means poaching senior executives, but in our company, these terms have different meanings. Headhunting – when poaching a particular person from a particular company is ordered. Executive search – this is when the manager of the company from a certain sphere, most often it is the sphere of activity of the client company, is ordered.

Headhunting – this is quite an exclusive service where experienced recruiters are needed. Senior management trusts those who have a positive reputation in the business environment, and not to those who just have fame and popularity in the labor market. Today, information technology provides wide opportunities for communication, but for the headhunter, personal communication prevails. This is the ability to stand on the same level as the person of interest. To promote and clarify the proposal so that it is of real interest to the perspective recruit. It is hard work that requires rigorous self-organization and determination.

As a rule, when it comes to the personnel recruitment, it usually means Executive search. Nowadays people distinguish Internet Executive search and classical direct search. Internet Executive search – a search on social networks, both professional and non related to professional activities. Despite the openness and prevalence, it has a serious disadvantage in the absence of the profile of the desired person in social networks.

The methods used in the work of NRG employees are diverse, but the classical direct search remains the most effective and quickest way in Executive search for a successful manager interested in a new job.

The recruiter performing the Executive search is usually a specialist who is deeply immersed in the interested field of activity. He has mastered professional terminology and professional slang, which is clear to professionals of this sector, thus potential candidates often perceive the recruiter as ‘’their” person, which allows managers to communicate in one language. For Executive search there are no restrictions on specialization and level of positions, exceptions can be found among unskilled positions where business communications are not available, such as hairdressers, cashiers or ordinary warehouse workers. Recruiters who specialize in a certain area usually have 3-4 years of successful and dynamic experience.

Recruiting company NRG specializes in Executive search projects. NRG recruiters have relevant work experience of 3+years, each of whom has its own professional specialization and social circle with industry professionals.

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