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Director Search in Ukraine

One of the main components of the success of the company is a united team of employees bound by an overall positive business purpose. However, the efficient operation of the team, consisting of even the most high-class professionals, is not possible in the absence of a system manager – the director (senior manager, country manager, general manager, head of the company: this position is called differently in different companies, hereinafter we will refer to this position as Director).

For this reason, the search for the person to fill the director’s position is one of the most difficult and responsible decisions. The process of search and selection of candidates for the post of director is time consuming and complex. Potential employers may encounter the following issues:

  • All successful directors are rarely in the open search, respectively, you will not find them in the public sources, they are quite difficult to persuade to consider new job offer;
  • Enormous time consumption on finding the right person,since in order to find a truly successful director one needs to meet and interview large number of candidates;
  • Its quite difficult for a director to leave their previous place of work, because a lot of processes are focused on a single person;
  • A successful director is always “held” by the company. Therefore, there is a quite common situation when the candidate, while announcing his decision to leave the company and readiness to accept a new job offer, receives a more interesting and favorable (counter offer) from the current employer. At this point, the candidate begins to doubt, to weigh the “pros” and “cons”, think about whether to change the comfort zone for the unknown and often decides in favor of the current employer.

New Recruiting Group team is a team of professionals who are familiar with all the problems of finding the best directors and, most importantly, have the relevant experience, proven by a large number of completed projects in the search and selection of senior managers. So what can NRG company offer?:

  • NRG Consultants comprehensively know the market and own HR information. Accordingly, we know the most powerful players. This knowledge allows us to find the strongest candidates for the position of director as soon as possible;
  • NRG consultant can call the company directly and communicate with the director you are interested in. It can not be done by the internal company recruiter, due to the risk of getting into unethical, from a business point of view, situation. This fact prevents potential conflicts from the viewpoint of headhunting employees;
  • NRG consultant does the primary selection of candidates for the post of director, providing the customer with targeted candidates with impeccable expertise and recommendations. This allows the company to save time for business development;
  • Through communication, NRG consultant can motivate the candidate, show to him/her the perspectives, discuss the complexity of the transition and the correct model of behavior. In such cases, we considerably reduce the risks of counter offers. The director, that the company has chosen, comes to the company and, fulfilling the set goals, takes the business to a new level of development.

New Recruiting Group team is always ready to realize your most complex inqueries in terms of recruiting. If you have any questions – we have the answers. If you have trouble finding and selecting employees for managerial positions – we have a solution to these problems. All you need to do is call the NRG company and get professional advice from a specialist of the market you are interested in, and entrust us the solution of important personnel issues and get the quality result you expect.

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