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Recruiting company NRG  was founded 13.08.2007.  Company specializes in the search and selection of specialists and mid to top level managers. We are active, ambitious, and results driven. We will help you to find the best, most successful and professional specialists.

Our consultants are experienced specialists who have been working in their areas of specialization for more than two years. Each consultant specializes in different segments of the market. This factor contributes to a greater understanding of the market and helps to develop stable business relations in a professional society.

You can trust us to implement large projects and obtain possibility to communicate on all issues with your personal consultant, thus saving time on the task definition and project coordination.

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss the benefits of our cooperation and provide you with detailed information about NRG and its possibilities.

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Dear friends, clients and partners, New Recruiting Group is nominated for the title of the best recruiting company in the All-Ukrainian national project "UKRAINSKA NARODNA PREMIYA".

Thank you for giving us your trust, the highest priority issues, non-standard and complex business tasks. We are happy to keep and strengthen the company's No. 1 rank, remaining the very first choice for you and your business. Support, vote for us by clicking on the link:


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Business Trainer, Truskavets

City: Truskavets
Market sector: HoReCa

Sales Manager B2B (back office), Dnipro

City: Dnipro
Market sector: B2B, B2C

Procurement Director, Krivoy Rog

City: Krivoy Rog
Market sector: Industry

Head of warehouse and distribution, Kyiv

City: Kyiv
Market sector: B2B, B2C

Customer service specialist, Kyiv

City: Kyiv
Market sector: B2B, B2C

Plant Manager, Vinnitsa Region

City: Kyiv
Market sector: Agriculture

Project Manager, Cherkasy region

City: Kyiv
Market sector: Industry

Head of Marketing Department, Kyiv

City: Kyiv
Market sector: Construction Development

Brand Manаger, Kyiv

Market sector: FMCG

Sales manager (solutions processing food product)

City: Kyiv
Market sector: Industry

Recruiting agency in Kiev and Ukraine.

The labor market – a quite dynamic and complex organism that has the properties of a permanent modification. It has certain issues that require clear and strategic decisions. Each company sooner or later faces the need of search and selection of staff at different levels.

In this situation, companies choose their own ways to fulfill their needs. Some companies choose an in-house organization for the search and selection of staff. This process is time-consuming, requires labor resources, emotion, and may not bring the desired result. However, a significant number of successful companies prefer to order high-quality professional recruitment services for specialists, middle managers and senior managers. In this case, the main objective of the company is to choose a recruitment agency which is a reliable partner in the search and selection of personnel for many years to come.

NRG Recruiting company was established on 13 August, 2007. The company is engaged in the search, assessment and selection of staff. We specialize in the recruitment of specialists and managers of middle and senior managers in the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries. We are active and ambitious, and are focused on quality and the quickest results.

Our team of professionals is the main resource of NRG Recruitment company. This allows us to accurately implement the most complex research projects of middle and senior managers. Each employee of NRG Recruitment company is an expert in specific segments of the market, respectively, you can always be sure of receiving professional information from the labor market.This fact is important for the qualitative search and selection of personnel.A recruiter with up to-date information helps you to find the specialists, middle managers and senior managers you are interested in, in a very short time.

NRG Recruiting company is a customer-oriented company. We work on the principle of building long-term relationships with our clients that allows us, as a provider of recruitment services to select for you the candidates that meet the professional skills on your list, but also have vital qualities that correspond to your corporate culture.

With our help, you can quickly and accurately replenish your staff with the best, successful and professional managers and specialists available. This in turn will help strengthen the position of your company in the market place.

You can trust us to implement major projects and be able to communicate on all matters with a single assigned consultant. In the environment of multi-tasking and dynamic work - this will allow you to save much time on setting the task, coordination of the project, and what is most important - to get the desired result.

Ordering a professional and high-quality selection of specialists, middle, and top management in Ukraine and the CIS is very simple. Just contact NRG Recruiting and submit your application online. A professional consultant will contact you within one day and answer all your questions.

Also, you can call NRG Recruiting and tell us your needs for the search and selection of staff. You will be connected with a consultant who specializes in the segment of the market you are interested in.

We will be glad to meet with you to discuss the prospects of cooperation and tell more about ourselves and the possibilities we offer.

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